free gluten and common allergen free


Allergic to gluten? You live with food allergies and you avoid restaurants?
At Grillades Torino, compose your allergen-free or gluten-free plate!

List of allergens (Mandatory reporting)Items below might contained traces of allergens
peanut  PeanutsNONE
nuts NutsNONE
sesame  SesameHummus
soy  SoyDurum Wheat Semolina, Rice, Bacon (Club), Frying Oil ( Nuggets , Wings, Garlic Potatoes, Fries)
wheat gluten  Wheat (Gluten)Salads : Macaroni, Couscous
Beef burger meat, Semolina, Bread / Pitas, Bacon (Club) Frying Oil ( Nuggets, Wings, Garlic Potatoes, Fries)
milk  MilkGrec Salad
eggs  EggsAll sauces (Garlic Sauce, Mayonnaise, Marinated Chicken Kabab, Marinated Chicken, Potatoes sauce),
Macaroni Salad, Bacon (Club), Carrot Salad
fish seafoods  Fish / SeafoodsCaesar Sauce (Caesar Salad)
mustard  MustardMacaroni Salad, Carrot Salad
sulphite  SulphiteNONE


Other allergens (no madatory reporting)Items below might contained traces of allergens
kiwi  KiwiBeef Filet
pineapple  PineappleBeets
tomatoes  TomatoesRice Sauce, Beef Filet


Despite our best efforts, contamination risks involving allergens exist beyond our control; an allergen can be transmitted by a simple handshake. Therefore, you accept that, we and our administrators, officers, employees, suppliers, franchiser, insurance company, affiliated companies or partners not be held accountable or liable for any incident or damages directly or indirectly linked to the consumption of our products.

The vast majority of our products contain spices that could potentially have been in contact with allergens. We unfortunately, cannot guarantee at 100% that there won’t be any trace of allergens.

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